Monday, 6 May 2013

Fuyyoo! My Family!

dan salam sejahtera~~ 
well hello eberibody! ! 

Last night all the channels broadcasting about PRU-13!
All the channels! 
Just wanna say that my home doesn't have ASTRO~ 
So, let's move on . .
Kalau nak cerita pasal PRU semalam sampai esok pun tak habs cerita kan . . 
Then, I thought that I would like to wait for the result of PRU last night . .
But, you know that was a very bored moments when you just sit on your place and lend your ear to the people making an analysis of that PRU . .  
Pergghhhh! Blackout sekejap! Muehehe . .  
Without wasting my time I bring on my lappy in front of the television . . 
(sambil nak tengok result) 
Just stay with my parents. .  
Tanpa mempedulikannya Mira terus saja nak layan Korean Drama . .  
So, dengan excitednya tinggal sekejap sebab nak g amik fon pulak . . 
(tetiba ja notification weChat masuk!) 
Rupa-rupanya cik Mawan yang hantar . . Tanya pasal PRU~~ 
Just think wanna talk or not . . 
But then, my mum took my phone and ask me how to use that weChat~~ 
Lepas ja ajar mak . .  
Terus dy reply kat mawan~~ 
'' x tau la. Orang x tengok TV pun''
Ngee . . . mak reply .  . mentang2 la suara sama  ..  
I'm very shock when looking at my laptop screen~
Oh! How this can be? 
Nampaknya my family pun dah cuba berjinak-jinak dengan Running Man . . 
Adakah Mira jugak akan terjebak dengan RUNNING MAN . .
Waa! Time boring gameshow yang x best pun boleh jadi best . .  
Going to fetch my sis~~
tata ^^

Luv ya . . 

Jum Like banyak 2 . . hehe ^^

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