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Missing- Essay

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Missing . .

               About twenty-one years ago , there was a young mother  who endured so much pain to give life to a couple of twin . One cute boy and one little girl . After two months ,  the woman wrapped the babies . But differently with the girl , the woman wrapped her baby boy tightly in a blue fleece blanket and stepped out from her house . She went to big house .  She left the little bundle on the doorstep of the house . An attached note and a picture was with the baby .“ I’m two months old and was born on February 1 . Please take care of me .”
                That woman knocked on the door twice . Quickly she stepped back , slowly down the stairs and upon reaching the pavement she ran away . She knew her baby safe with that people . She ran away through the night alone until reached back at her home . She got into her home and hugged the crying baby girl . That was me . The young mother gave me a beautiful name ‘Julia Natasha’ .
                Ten years past as I grew up and became an active student at a school in my new  village . My primary school was just across the road from my house .  Everyday my mum would bring me a big mug of Milo and some biscuits during recess. I know my mum wanted me learn to save our money as our lives was not like a rich people . My mum always told me that I have a twin brother but she had given away my brother to  a rich people because that time my mum doesn’t able to take care of two babies in the same time . And she also said my face was exactly same with my twin brother . My mum told me to find my brother when I grew up as an adult . I hope I would meet him and we can live together again one day .
                When I was at the  secondary school , I stayed at the hostel in the town . Living at the hostel make me realised that is not easy to have a life alone without nobody as a family . I learnt in a new world . Washing my clothes , tidy my locker and iron my clothes . All I done by myself . And without any sense , I turned into a very lovable person . I started to fall in love with someone at my school . I knew that it was too impossible to knew him closer . But I don’t give up .
                Every day I looked at him . His calm face and also nice smile make me fall at him . Until one day , when I was at the library . Somebody had left a note between the pages of my books when I went to find another book at the books’ rack . I took that note and read .
                ‘Hi , my name is Kamal . I would like to know you closer . If you want to , meet me at the cafeteria at 4 . I’ll wait for your coming .’
                That evening I went to the cafeteria. I can’t lie my eyes on who I was met right now . It was my boy in my dream . I wonder that his name was Kamal . We getting know each other and decided to be friend though I was two years junior than him . After one year knowing each other , he asks me to be his adopt little sister . Without thinking in longer time I just accept him to be my big brother . Started from that point we always being together . That make me thought that how happy am I if my twin brother care at me now such Kamal take care of me now .
                But now , when I was in my second year of the school , I came across a very clumsy senior who was a classmate of Kamal . She had very different idea on what being adopted meant . I thought she might be jealousy of me because I had a really handsome big brother . I don’t minded at her as next I was transferred by mum to Kedah because my mum got a new job in Kedah .  I’ve been lost contact with my adopted big brother since we not get connected as he was struggle for his SPM this year .
                My new school is my new life . It was an elite school where this school was only for high-achievers .Now , my mum and I stayed at my late nanny’s house . My mum told me that since I was two months old we move to Ipoh . It was the day my mother left my twin brother at the rich people’s home .
                Today , after twenty-one years , I just thought that I would like to meet my biological brother . One evening , when I was tidy up our home alone as my mum went to work , I found an old album in a cupboard . How shocked I am when there were many picture of me and my brother when we were one month old . I took out the picture . That time I  heard an engine . I’m sure that was my mum’s Viva . Quickly I put the album back into the cupboard and kept the picture neatly in my pocket .
                The furrow on my brow became disappeared and into broke into a welcoming smile . I went to the kitchen and made some drink for my mum . I ask my mum to drink and having a rest first .Then , I took out the picture in my pocket . I showed it to my mum . My mum told me to turn back of the picture . I looked back the picture and saw an address written at the back of the picture . My heart nearly stopped when I noticed that the address was only 5 kilometres from my home . I was so excited to go there and met my twin .
                However , my mum gave me a piece of letter , and when I saw it , the address written was at Shah Alam now . I wonder I can go for my twin but exactly my mum didn’t gave me a permissions to go there because it was too far . I saw my mum face .Calm . And my mum nodded . I felt so excited . I went upstairs into my room and packed all my stuffs in a bag pack .Tomorrow , I will start my journey to find my twin brother .
                The next day , I woke up early in the morning . I quickened my pace and soon reached at the bus stop and caught a bus to Shahab Perdana . The lucky was beside me . There was only one ticket left for the route to Shah Alam that evening . I waited for the bus and felt bored . I went to Pekan Rabu as my bus was not here yet .Then , I went to Shahab Perdana back .  As soon , one bus arrived and I hope that was my bus .
                In the late of evening , I found myself still on the journey . I arrived at Shah Alam that evening .  I decided to sleep at a cheap dormitory frequented by Western backpackers that night . I had enough money to resume my journey the next morning and I slept silently like  a baby .
                Next morning , I went to start my journey . Not surprisingly , many cabs whizzed by , refusing to stop for a scruffy lad like me . Eventually  , I managed to hail a cab . The only problem was that the driver was Chinese and spoke only rudimentary Chinese . I showed him the address and he nodded ,I caught him grimacing upon seeing the address .i fidgeted anxiously , excitement and anticipation warning with nerves and fear . The cab drew to a halt . I paid and went out .
                I saw a magnificent house with a huge garden with flowering shrubs and trees .it was a wondrous sight . A boy was waiting on the doorstep with his arms wide open . He was my twin . My big brother !
                Alas , that has been my most cherished dream for as long as I can remember . But that was not that I saw .Instead ,I stood in front of a dilapidated house that was clearly devoid of any living soul .
                I saw utterly crushed . I broke into tears , my brain refusing to register what my eyes took in . I saw him . His face exactly same with me .
                He and me grown up although in two different world and life . With our own leisure . My brother has become a handsome , charming and person . I showed him a picture in my hand . He looked confuse .Then , he hugged me and whispered to me ‘You’re my little twin . My sister .’
                We have been separated for more than twenty years now .hugging him , I cried for long minutes . Finally , wiping the tears from my cheeks , I turned around his face . Hand in hand we walked silently towards the big house .Yes , I was really ready to go home and live with my family . My own family . My brother , and my mum . I love them much .
                Sitting by my brother’s side , make me felt happy . I found my own family . My biological brother . My brother’s mum asked me to tell him from the beginning . After that Puan Juhana , my brother’s mother told my brother to follow me to Kedah and see my mum . Our mum .
                As we reached at home ,my mum hugged my brother and the tears dropped down as the rain falls outside . Tears of happiness . Full of love , I hugged my mum and big brother . No matter what happen , I knew that the world always be a beautiful place as I had my mum and big brother together with me .
                From that day , my brother always visit us at Kedah during weekend . A year after that , my mum and I live with my brother in Shah Alam . Then , I felt nobody was born to have a bad luck . We have to  remember that we will see the light after we got journey in the dark cave of life . 

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