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My Hero

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            As a normal person , they are many super heroes in my life . Some people would say proudly that ‘Batman’ , ‘Superman’ , ‘Ultraman’ and others as their super heroes or idols . But it is different with me . I am proudly said and and introduce my dad is my real hero . He the true hero that I ever have in my life . I never wished to have any super heroes as my hero because I know that my father is my hero .
           I still remember my dad’s story when he was young . His life definitely different with mine . He was unapproachable and very confused man with very poor sense of direction where his career and low spirit of workaholic . His future realistically concerned . He also never pass with flying colours during his studies and he always being a losers . My late grandfather always scolded him but he ever got changed a lot .However , he was still my dad as ever my hero .
            Love between dad and his daughter is definitely as ever and always be there , no matter what happened or how unemotional he appeared to be , and despite what he said in his anger .
            When I was a little girl , my dad always protected me besides my mum . I would remember that my dad helped me much when I took my first baby steps . When I fell down from a bicycle on my first ride , my dad was the one who tried to make sure I stayed on it . He also felt the pain when I got fell from bicycle and his heart wept when I cried but my hero never showed it on his face . What I saw was only his anger , cause mostly by the concern and anciently be felt for his bungling kids .
            I felt the some different feeling when I attained my legal age of freedom at 21 , I celebrated by applying for my passport and credit card on my own name . By applying a passport I could continued my studies abroad . I wished I could went to Amsterdam  . My dad not agree with me and asked me to take medicine studies at Malaysia Science University in Penang . He couldn’t see that I really needed to find my own niche in life , just as he had done when he was my age . He couldn’t understand that I needed to chart my own course . Or so , I thought .
            Tomorrow is the day . I packed all my stuff into my rucksacks . From head to feet . Clothes , instant food , my album of me and my father and I didn’t forget to bring along th organizer that my daddy ever gave me when I was seventeen . He didn’t say a  word  while I made my preparations . He stills kept his distance and made no comments since I was not heeding his advice before . I knew that I broke his heart , but I felt that I couldn’t met my life hemmed in by so many restrictions . I had to leave now and got taste some flavours of life all on my own . I felt such I lost my hero since I decided to go for Amsterdam .
            Before I felt my family and house with my bags e suddenly said to me , “If you find it hard out there , just come home, honey . I’ll wait for you .” I just nodded . There was a rock in my chest which I couldn’t get rid of until I got into huge airplane .  Now is the time to them that I can . I knew that I had been stubborn daughter when I was growing up and can trust myself doing my own decision . I make my father transformed from my hero into the laidback parent , through this didn’t mean he was easy on me when I got into trouble .
            When I was studied in Amsterdam , I seldom got connected with my family especially my hero due to my busy life as a student . That make my relationship with my father eventually faded . This eventually faded when he dropped the bombshell that he was leaving me . Our relationship grew distant and talking to him was too impossible .
            One day , I went to my college alone as usual . There was a stranger kept following me from the distant and he was so weird .Then , I felt uneasy when he kept looking at me . All of sudden , he tried to snatch my handbag which full with cash , credit card , handphone and any others . Fortunately , my classmates were there too . They helped me to catch the stranger . And I got back my handbag . I praised to God .Then , I realised how important to get my dad here along now with me . By my side .
            All of sudden I recalled myself the day of me and my hero daddy . I took a bus and straight went to my college . On my heading to the college I tried to call my father but he doesn’t answer me . I thought maybe he had works to do .Now , my father was an energetic and strong man . He surely doing helped me my mum at the restaurant all day long .
            I walked by myself alone and still thought about my dad , my mum and also my family . If he knew how I missed him so much now .Yes ! I can’t lie myself how I missed them so much .
            The days past always so busy as I would sit for my last paper before I had fully graduate . I called my dad and luck was beside me when my dad answers mine . I talked happily as I done my last paper . I walked out of the alley and onto another street and saw only a few people under umbrellas , each walking at his or her own pace . Out of blue , Chris who was my classmates admonished me and asked me to walk with him till reached at our home which is beside his home only .
            I followed him and trust him as he was my classmate since three years ago . He asked me to have lunch with him . I kept accompany him as I didn’t have any works then . Then I put myself in front of him in the café . I didn’t take my lunch that afternoon and only had an orange juice as a drink . A moment later , I excused him to ladies for a while .
            Then , I came with a sweet smile on my lips took my seat and drank my orange juice . I felt a bit dizzy . My world was round and round such the horses on merry-go-round ran in the giant circle . Chris asked me to home and I tried to stand myself but failed and I fell at the restaurant . And I don’t know what’s next .
            I opened my eyes and felt comfort although the place is quite weird for me .Then , I saw a man . A strange man was wore out his clothes and I looked into myself . A really big shock when I found that myself had neither a thread nor clothes to me . I shouted loudly and wanted to run away . The man came nearer and held my arm roughly . I had shock once again as I saw the strange man was Chris . Who was the kind heart person I had in Amsterdam .
            There I know nobody could save me as my daddy was not beside me .However , I tried to let myself from such dangerous place . I pushed his body strongly and he fell down on the floor . Quickly I ran and took my clothes and wore them up instantly and ran as fast as lightning to my home .
            I looked myself in the room . I felt so afraid and I wished my dad was here .But my father was not a fairy that can be here for instantly . I took my hand phone and dialled up my dad . He answered me and I told him what had happened to me . My daddy asked me to Malaysia . But I couldn’t because I felt so afraid to went out .Then , I had an idea .
            “Hello , miss . Can I help you ?” the telephonist answer me .
            “Can you help me to book a ticket to KLIA for tomorrow ?”
            “Yes , Leave me your name . At what time do you wish ?”
            “Intan Juliana Ismail . I want for 6 o’clock .”
            “Ok , your ticket had been book and ready for tomorrow . Thank you for using our services . Have a nice day .”
            “Thank you.”
            The next day I packed all my stuffs into rucksacks . I trust myself to go to the airport safely . Before I left this this land which full of white and black memories , I went near the beach . I gazed out into the sea silently . The sun was slowly setting and reddish-orange glow spread across the sky , giving it an unhearthly  atmosphere .
            A soft breeze was blowing such the tall coconut trees swayed gently . A loud sigh escaped from me . I just could not enjoy the beautiful view for a long and started walking to the national airport in Amsterdam . Only a few minutes more left before I went left this land . I wanted to my parents back . I wanted to hug my daddy .
            After a long journey from Europe to Asia I arrived at KLIA International Airport . I felt so happy as I would see my father then . I walked slowly and I saw my hero and my mum sat near the coffee house . I went through them and my father pulled me into him . My dad almost make me cry all of sudden .
            “Dad , did you know how I’m suffer without you as my hero .”
            “Do you know that your daughter was in the danger and almost been rapped by her own trusted classmates ?”
            My wept my tears and brought me and my mum to the car .Then , we went home . When I was with them I felt so safe as my hero and my protector was here , by my side . Since that , I didn’t want to separate with my dad anymore .
            A few months after , a postman came to my home with a big envelope for me . I took it into my house and how happy my heart when I saw my result on a piece of paper with a certificate in the envelope . I felt happy as I got through flying colours and graduated successfully and got B.A Hons on my studies . I shared the happiness with my hero and mum .Then , I started work at my daddy’s office . I didn’t want to step away and go separate ways from my hero .
            Growing up as an adult woman made me always so busy .Now , I just live with my daddy as my mum got passed away a year  ago . I focused so much on my work till I disregarded my hero who was protected me all my day .
            One day , I read an article in newspaper on how big your father sacrifice to you and how much you can paid back . Over the days , I went to father’s home and saw the perpetual frown on his face gradually fade .
            Eventually , it was replaced by the ever widening smile he showed whenever I went there for a visit no matter brief . Hugging him , I cried for  long minutes . As usual , he wipe my tears . Wiping my tears for my cheeks , I looked deeply into my superb daddy . No wonder who my daddy are , I knew that world was a beautiful place ever since I had my daddy as my hero . Then , I gracefully registered my father as a super hero , super daddy , and super everything . Nothing better than my daddy .=)

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