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Lend me Your Hand , Please . . . .

Hai sume . .  Mira na mnx jasa baek korg utk tolong bce essay b.i kt bwah ny . . . then . . . tlong jup btulkan silap dy . . . Mira tkot nnti kena maqah nan Ticer Kamliah . .  Wah !! Surrender . . .

ny essay dy .... Theme dy , 'Love and relationship. . .'

            I could tell his face when he was angry .That day was the worst day ever in my teenager life . The café wasn’t busy as a few customers sipped their cups of coffee leisurely , while the waiter and waitress chatted in a corner . 
            The waiter came and went , replacing the empty mug with yet another cup of drinks . In the last one hour , I just realised that I had drunken about six lattes , while my thick book lay opened – but unread – on the table . Obviously my thoughts were millions miles away .
            This time , the furrow on my brow disappeared and I broke into a welcoming smile . I motioning the guy who had just entered the café to join me , “Ady ,over here ,” I called out sweetly.
            Ady looked into my direction , walked over hastily and sat down in front of me .
            “Ady , my sweetheart . What do you prefer to drink and eat , dear ?” I asked .
            Ady waved his hand dismissingly , seemingly frustrated .
            “What about a cup of cappuccino and a piece of cheese cake ?” I cajoled .
            He shrugged and grunted , his face hard .
            Closing the menu , I waved the waitress over and ordered . Then , I turned to Ady and asked , ”How was your day ? Are you tired ?Oh ! Poor thing .” I said symphatically , misreading my boyfriend’s face .
            “That was enough Iera !” Ady slammed his fist on the table and stood up angrily such an ‘Angry Bird’ . “That’s enough ! You have been talking from the moment I entered ! Don’t you ever stop talking for just one minute ? Aren’t you tired of it all ?”
            “I –“ , I blinked back tears …
            “Well , if you’re not , I am ! Don’t you think this all wrong ? No matter how early I am , you are always the one who arrives first on all our dates , you are the one who pick up the menu or chooses the restaurant or the movies . Isn’t it weird ? I – and I becoming your puppet ! Following you wherever you go . And I don’t enjoy it one bit !”Ady slammed his fist on the table for the second time and stalked out from the café without looking back .
            I sat motionless in my seat . My expression was blank . Unreadable . Since the moment , we never saw each other in our college anymore .
            Pounding , lashing at the windows , the storm shrieked as the winds howled . Trees bent double and groaned . Leaves was santched from their branches and whirled around the wind . A dim light was on in an otherwise gloomy room . In the darkest corner beside the window I sat all curled up , hugging my knees , staring into nowhere . The weather matched my own tormented feelings .
            I asked myself , “what did I do to him that made he hate me so much ? That I hurt him ? Did I scold him ? No , I didn’t . I certainly did nothing that could have hurt any normal human being except just took care of him . What evil spirit possessed him to say such nasty words to a nice person like me ?”
            I would probably laugh off something like this now . But at the time , it bothered me a lot . I didn’t know what to do this moment . It was too hard for me .
            I took my handphone on my desk and hold it tightly .should I call him and asking him for his forgiveness and a second chance ? Or should I just ignore him all the time ?
I couldn’t sleep that night for thinking of what Ady had said and tried to guess what I had done wrong .
The next day , I went to my class alone . Not as usual . The big fought between me and Ady made us didn’t face each other . I saw him walking alone to the nearer bus stop with a big luggage in his hand . It made me thought twice either to go or to stand still here and staring at him from the distance .then , I saw Ady took his luggage off when the bus stopped in front of him . And I don’t know what’s next . That was the last time I saw him in our college .
Today . After three years . I pushed open the door to the café , took a breath . A deep breath and went inside . This was where Ady and I had broken up a few years ago . I was still hurting , but I wanted to heal .
‘Confront your fear Iera . Face your nightmares’ lines from the self-help book echoed in  my head .
The waiter took me to a seat by the window , facing the door to the café . I flipped through the menu , looking for something exciting to order . Finally , I settled up on a cup of latte and a slice of tiramisu .
The door swung open .Unconsciously , I looked up . The man who had just entered was dressed formally . His blazer and shirt hung nicely on him . I studied his face and registered him as a good-looking person ,calm , caring gaze . It was total opposite with Ady .
Behind him came an old man , dressed formally as a younger guy before . The older man pulled out a chair for the younger guy and stood beside him loyally . He pointed to the menu several times , saying something that I couldn’t hear it .
The youger man snapped the menu shut , annoyed . Then ,the older man sat down opposite of him and began to talk . A few minutes later , the younger guy stood chap stood up angrily , striding the door . When his companion tried to escort him , he was stopped . Then , the young man left alone .
I watched with puzzled eyes . I drank my coffee , ate my cake and paid it up . Then , I decided to walking in the garden not far from the café as I realised that my bracelet was missing suddenly .
I walked around the garden . I continued walking slowly and also trying to find my bracelet . All of sudden , I saw one guy picked something up from the ground examining carefully .
He looked at the sole figure in the garden . I thought he might be seeing me . A slender’s girl bent her head and looks like searching for something . He walked towards me patiently . And I could not lie my eyes on who I had see just now . His face was totally looks like my ex-boyfriend. Ady !
A lot has changed since our last bad sad date . I looked at him .Now , he was charismatic and charming gentleman . No wonder he was the man at the café just now . And that old man was his personal assistant . We have been separated for about three years now due to our study commitments and also our bad memories . How could I didn’t know that he was study abroad and the last day I saw him at the bus stop was the day he left for Melbourne , Australia .
He stood on his knee and asked for my forgiveness . “Please forgive me my dear ,Iera . I know thatwas all my fault . And now I realize that there was no other than you . You are everythingfor me .”
“I forgive you Ady . For a long time ago . I never blaming you . You are my prince of heart .”
The phrase ‘distance makes the heart grows fonder’ has proven true as we had never been closer like this before . Thanks to the wonder .
Meeting him , I cried for long minutes . He wiped out my tears . I was silently towards the café . I glanced at him and he gave me his sweet smile .
Just like previous years , and a year before , and a the one before that , he whispered , “Nur Mya Zahiera Ahmad . Let me , Adiy Adriyan Arif be your prince of heart , darling …”
I found myself nodding slightly . This wasn’t a dream . Hand in hand we walked together towards his red Lotus Elise .  He wanted to drive me back to my house . Now my heart was blink-blink . 

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